Support Resources

We provide a turnkey approach for universities and non-profit organizations to implement an entrepreneurship and adversity program in their communities.

A sample of the elements available for those interested in joining the Urban Poverty and Business Initiative include:

  • Content and materials for training modules
  • A unique mentoring model and insights on building and managing a mentor pool
  • Approaches for using students as consultants to low-income entrepreneurs
  • Resources on university campuses that can be tapped to support your efforts
  • Methods for successfully marketing the program in your community
  • Program assessment metrics and approaches
  • Techniques for engaging the local business community to support these entrepreneurs
  • New program elements that participating organizations are experimenting with
  • Case studies of successful entrepreneurs going through the program
  • A structure and data collection approach for a tracking database
  • Identification of best practices from across our collaborating programs
  • New insights on microcredit and how low-income entrepreneurs can access funding
  • Partners and their roles
  • Administrative requirements to support the program
  • A budget capturing typical program expenses

Associated Initiatives and Ventures

Global Partnership for Poverty and Entrepreneurship

SBEAP Entrepreneurial Co-Marketing