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We Invite You to Join the Urban Poverty and Business Initiative

Why Your University Should Participate

Entrepreneurship is about empowerment and transformation. It offers a viable pathway out of poverty. For their respective parts, both universities and local communities are rich in resources that can help support successful venture creation by those in poverty and adverse circumstances. The challenge is to recognize and creatively take advantage of these resources. By joining us and launching a poverty and adversity program in your local community, you can benefit in a number of ways.  Examples include:

  • Help address the serious challenge of poverty and disadvantage in your community
  • Provide substantive experiential learning opportunities for students
  • Produce case studies for use in teaching
  • Connect and collaborate with faculty and academic units, as well as administrative units (e.g., procurement, communications, IT) across the campus
  • Generate class projects (e.g. interviews of poverty entrepreneurs)
  • Identify interesting guest speakers from among those you serve
  • Conduct scholarly and applied research using the database or designing studies with the entrepreneurs being served
  • Establish new relationships with key players in the community that can support other elements of your university entrepreneurship program
  • Enhance the university’s image and reputation as a difference maker in the community and among other external stakeholders 
  • Attract resources based on program implementation and success

The benefits far outweigh program costs. Moreover, a considerable amount can be accomplished without a significant financial commitment.

For more information on the Urban Poverty and Business Initiative, please contact:

Michael Morris

Dr. Michael H. Morris
3169 Jenkins Nanovic Halls
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46615
Phone: (574) 631-9880