The Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship

The Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship (JDE) provides a forum for the dissemination of descriptive, empirical, and theoretical research that focuses on issues concerning microenterprise and small business development, especially under conditions of adversity. 

The JDE is geared towards scholars who study issues of developmental entrepreneurship and professionals involved in governmental and non-governmental efforts to facilitate entrepreneurship in economic and community development programs. Articles will cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Entrepreneurship as a pathway out of poverty
  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment in developing contexts
  • Challenges and opportunities unique to minority and female entrepreneurs
  • Facilitation of entrepreneurship among populations confronting unique challenges such as those with disabilities, the formerly incarcerated and political refugees.
  • Microenterprise funds and private-sector small business lending practices
  • Legislation, regulation, and tax policy that impact entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Processes that facilitate growth and development within emerging enterprises
  • Institutional constraints and facilitators of entrepreneurship in adverse circumstances
  • Networks within and among entrepreneurial ventures
  • Marketing patterns and approaches in venture growth and development
  • International developmental entrepreneurship programs
  • Entrepreneurship in the informal economic sector
  • Education and training for entrepreneurs particularly in adverse circumstances
  • Industry practices that adversely affect microenterprise development
  • Economic and social impacts of microenterprise activity

Address correspondence concerning manuscripts and submissions to the editor:

Michael H. Morris
McKenna Center for Human Development and Global Business
Keough School of Global Affairs

University of Notre Dame
3169 Jenkins-Nanovic Halls
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556  USA
Phone:  (574) 631-9880

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The journal is published by the McKenna Center for Human Development and Global Business in the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame in collaboration with the Kiebach Center for International Business Studies at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.

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December 2021 Issue